What is the purpose of Society? What destroys it?

Generally, the purpose of a society is to make things uniform so that there is no anarchy. It incorporates a set of laws and beliefs everyone can agree on.

Here in the US, this is done through a Republican form of government which uses a form of democracy that is guided by The People but through representatives. This system allows some division but still demands that things be uniform.

What destroys society? Irreconcilable differences. Division to a degree that no one talks to each other anymore. They may talk AT each other, but they do not talk TO each other. If not corrected, this will eventually lead to the fall of society. Sometimes this happens quickly; sometimes, it can take years or decades. But in the end, humanity falls.

Do you agree with this? And do you think that the US is approaching its destruction?

I’m starting to think that it is. When we can’t even agree on what a woman is, how can we not be heading toward destroying our society?