What are your views on abortion?

  • A woman has the right to choose to get an abortion with no limitations.
  • Abortion should be illegal after the first trimester
  • Abortion should be illegal except to preserve the health and life of the mother.
  • Abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.
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I do not support or oppose Wheel of Fortune though I believe it should be limited to the first trimester.

But I also believe that if the mother’s life and/or health is endangered by the pregnancy and an abortion is the only way to protect her, abortion should be required, and a doctor who refuses to save a patient by performing an abortion should be charged with murder.
We don’t want to become Ireland, where doctors can refuse to save their patient’s life.

In fact, I believe that the term abortion should be limited to the termination of a viable pregnancy. Any pregnancy that is not viable where the fetus will not survive should not be considered an abortion.

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