I have the solution for crime

Instead of slapping criminals on the wrist, we need stiffer penalties. For instance, it should be a felony and any automatic 90 days in jail if someone is caught in public under the influence of any hardcore drug period. 2nd offense, it should be 6 months in jail. 3rd offense, mandatory 3 years in prison.
Another thing that needs to be done is prisons need to stop being adult daycare centers, and start making these prisoners work. Imagine if every prison in America could sustain itself by having a farm and/or manufacturing plant on site. Prisoners work 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, and on the weekends, they’re expected to do chores inside the prison.

They will no longer be allowed more than $40 per week from family putting money on their accounts. Commissary is currency in prison, and this another thing that has to stop. They need to earn their money and learn responsibility.

How about drug dealers and habitual criminals though? I think there is only one solution for them. We need to go back to the old days and bring back the gallows. I also think this needs to happen for repeat sex offenders, repeat child abusers and repeat murderers as well. I say this not defending child abusers, sex offenders or murders, but sometimes things happen, and people mess up. This why I used the word repeat.

What about more heinous crimes like mass shootings, serial killers, terrorism etc. In my opinion this where we need to go biblical and bring back animals as means of execution. These people need to have the fear of God put in them and their souls ripped away just like they did to those they killed.
Moving on, the way we deal with the everyday drug addict is we cut off their resources. Food stamps, SSI, disability, HUD etc all needs to have mandatory monthly drug tests to be eligible. Also, if they’re not over 40% disabled, they need to be looking for a job and/or employed at least part time to be eligible for these benefits.

Another thing is local law enforcement will now have the right to arrest retail theft regardless of the store’s company policy. If someone is stealing, and an employee or customer witnesses it, and they thief is caught with merchandise without a receipt, it’s and automatic felony and 90 days in jail.

Also, are you tired of these dope heads wandering up and down your driveway or street? Here’s another new law. Homeowners have the right to call 911 on dope heads riding bicycles, carrying backpacks and weapons. These are potential break ins and worse. This could lead to robberies, rapes, murders etc. Now there will be a law protecting you.

How do we enforce this on paper. We don’t. We use a loophole like suspension just like old school cops used to do. We start hiring cops with a nose for crime. We go old school.

Body cams? We flush those things and we do rigorous vetting and training on the cops we hire.
If a cop is corrupt and caught, he/she gets the same treatment as a criminal depending on the severity of their crimes.

All in all, something has to give. Our streets are turning into a scene out of the Night of the Living Dead. And for all those enablers out there, rehab doesn’t work for these types of people. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. We have to turn them around the old-fashioned way by striking the fear of God in their hearts.

I think your Idealodge is fair but very brutal; however, some countries use prisoners to build schools and roads to reduce their sentence.

My brother did 5 years in prison. As soon as I started putting money on his books, he joined a prison gang. From then on out, I was giving him $400 per week for several months because I felt sorry for him. Meanwhile all the money on his books went toward his extortion and doing things in prison that he shouldn’t be able to do, like getting tattoos and doing drugs etc. The last time I put $400 on his books within a week, he kept calling me for more money. In fact, I was dealing with a tough landlord that was beating on my doors, peaking through the windows and trying to put me out. While waiting for the local sheriff department to call me back, my brother calls me nonstop for more money. He even interrupted a call from a deputy. After that, I cut him off and he grew up somewhat but not very much.

Im sorry you had to go through that :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: