Tragic Hate Crime: Young Boy's Life Taken, Woman Injured in Plainfield Township

Based on the tragic incident in Plainfield Township where a landlord was accused of fatally stabbing a 6-year-old Palestinian American boy and seriously wounding his mother due to their Muslim faith, a suitable caption for a short post could be: "Tragic Hate Crime in Plainfield: Young Life Lost, Community Mourns

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I, Tonya Moss from the State of Georgia asked a question about hate crimes. Do people have to die to get communities to stop discrimination and mistreatment due to a certain group that others abuse and hurt? If we stopped those by enforcing the federal constitution and each law enforcement valued each and every indifference we can save lives. The young boy was Palestinian-American, and of Muslim Faith, our federal constitution gives each the freedom of religion. I was told until I joined a church of certain teachings that my case would never be heard in Cherokee & Pickens Counties of Ga. Innocence doesn’t matter, often what motivates another is their beliefs and thoughts. Some are ingrained and no matter the compassion of one, the real war is a deep mind set that one is greater in their thoughts and life, than those whom they kill. Hatred is an unveiling of another truth, pure hatred because they feel superior.

Tonya, your question about hate crimes and how people treat each other is important. It’s sad that some face problems because of who they are. I think Everyone should be treated the same.

You’re right about following the rules and treating everyone fairly. It’s not good to see innocent people facing difficulties and has always been a problem when people think they are better than others.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am truly grateful.