Save America and the world

Greetings and Regards
I am a social communication researcher from Tehran
I grew up under the government of the Islamic Republic and lived among these Basij and Akhunds
Their ultimate goal is to build an atomic bomb and destroy Israel, thus weakening America and empowering China and Russia. It is very clear that they are looking for terrorist activities once and for all.
Democrats, Republicans, all those who support these terrorists, let’s unite because the planet is in danger.
Biden is destroying America, I request that Biden be impeached and removed as soon as possible and that the American elections go ahead, this is for everyone’s benefit. I don’t know how to promise that if Iran is saved from the Islamic Republic, you will not suffer financial losses, we Iranians. We agree with you Americans, why do you deal with people like Amir Abdul Lahian or Khamenei instead of agreeing with us?

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Thank you for sharing your perspective from Tehran. It’s important to base discussions on verified information and to approach international politics with an open mind. Let’s all aim for constructive dialogue rooted in understanding and facts.

I didn’t tell a lie, the truth is that the president of your country, America, has caused weakness and is exposed to severe tension with Iran, and Iran is helping Russia in the war with Ukraine and helping Hamas. We were taught from childhood that Israel should be destroyed, but the real people of Iran do not want this
We are against the atomic bomb
We are against support for any kind of war
We do not want Islam
We want America to negotiate with the real people of Iran, none of the heads of the current government represent the real people of Iran
Everything is clear and if you don’t understand then world war is coming

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I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate you sharing your perspective with me. It’s always enlightening to hear from individuals about their experiences and beliefs. I truly hope for a peaceful and understanding future for all nations involved.

Hope is not enough. I am informing as much as I can and I expect those who have influence and power in the world’s political institutions, especially the United States, to help us reach a global consensus and unity between the people of Iran and the United States.
Iranian people are oppressed and they don’t have the ability to protest, we don’t even have weapons to defend ourselves
It remains the military attack of the countries on the military and administrative centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran has become an arm of Russia

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I truly empathize with your feelings and the situation that you describe. It’s heartbreaking to think about the challenges many Iranian people face daily. The complexities of international relations and internal political dynamics can be incredibly difficult to navigate. While my influence is limited, I genuinely believe in the power of people’s voices and stories like yours to create awareness. Please know that you have been heard, and I hope for a brighter and peaceful future for Iran and its people.

Share my words with your media and parties and say that the real people of Iran are ready to agree with you directly and you don’t need to agree in the United Nations or in secret agreements with the Islamic Republic. They are our common enemy, you want money. The resources you want, we have no problem using them to serve humanity, we are against the atomic bomb
Just by talking to Khamenei, you are making huge and useless expenses

Finally, I would like to say that you should join Leader Restart so that the world can be saved from the cost of war and the killing of civilians, otherwise the key to the destruction of the planet is in our hands. This is not a threat, it is a fact.