Is citizenship dead?

No, citizenship is not dead. Citizenship refers to the legal status of being a member of a particular country, entitling individuals to certain rights, protections, and responsibilities within that country. It is an important concept that continues to exist and shape the relationship between individuals and the nation-state.

The concept of citizenship is subject to ongoing discussions and debates, particularly in the context of globalization, migration, and the changing nature of national boundaries. There are discussions about the rights and privileges associated with citizenship and debates about the inclusion and exclusion of certain groups of people.

Some countries have implemented or are exploring alternative forms of citizenship, such as dual citizenship or citizenship by investment, which can add complexity to the concept. However, the fundamental idea of citizenship as a legal status and framework for belonging to a country remains relevant in contemporary society.

Citizen Ship is not dead as many people might have thought. Every person who is from another country has their own rights to become a United States citizen no matter where they are from. In my opinion it’s a privilege for everyone else in another country including Africa countries.