I beg of anyone in the government to please help me. Sept 11 VCF

My name is Joseph A Grimaldi.I am a 55 year old married father of 2 teenage sons. I am a native New Yorker and have lived in Ga for the last 40 years.I began a career in Law Enforcement since 18 years old. For over 30 years I have worked Cadaver and Search and Rescue dogs.
K9 Kilo and I arrived in NY on September 13 2001. We went straight to work which the scene was mass sensory overload. For the first 10 days we slept on the corners of Warren and Church St sleeping on our dogs , stopping only to allow our dogs to rest and be decontaminated from the toxins he was picking up while searching. We worked almost 20 hours days because you wanted to be the one to find a survivor. no one was found alive after the first few hours. The 6 weeks while searching on the pile we were in the constantly in the smog cloud from burning jet fuel, asbestos, buring brick and glass dust, decomposing Cadavers, and approx 2000 other toxic gases.On September 19 I had fallen and had to go to St Vincent’s.
I began having severe lung issues and severe sinus problems. I would get a non specific phenomena several times a year and lived with constant bronchitis.I also began having spots on my skin which later turned out to be basal cell CARSONOMA and had it surgically removed. In approx 2009 my pulmonologist decided to do a bronc scope to clean my lungs out. I have had this done multiple times and 3 sinus surgeries to remove Aspergillus Mold which had ravished my lungs and sinuses.
On 12122023 I had went to the hospital to have a outpatient bronc scope again During this procedure I went into cardiac arrest and had to be revived. I have also had 11 back operations, fusing my back from C2 to C5 and T4 to SI joints. My entire spine. My teeth for some reason have been decaying despite serious dental intervention.
Over the last year I had fallen approx 9 times and even broke my neck from a fall at home.That required spinal fusion. I can’t walk any longer and in desperate need of my VCF settlement. I need to get our door widen and ramps put on the front and the back of my residence.
I have had all of my conditions certified by the WTCHP. My claim has been waiting on over 11 months. Before that it was a 7 month delay. Please I plead with anyone who can assist me.
Our family including father, two brother and myself have served NY and Ga for a combined over 130 years. I was also present during the 1996 Olympic Park Bombing. We have never asked for anything but I am nothing right now but a burden on my family . I am stuck in the house all day because I can’t get in and out of most vehicles. I even had to give up my 2 K9s due not being in the hospital so much i could not care for them.
Kilo Grimaldi at Google.I was a professional baseball umpire for over 38 years and I am unable to work.Does anyone know of any programs for us rescue workers. If anyone can help with the VCF PLEASE.I WOULD FOREVER BE INDEBTED TO YOU