House passes resolution to overturn new federal gun regulation

“WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans passed a resolution that would repeal a Biden administration rule tightening federal regulations on stabilizing braces for firearms, an accessory that has been used in several mass shootings in the U.S. over the last decade.”

“Since taking effect earlier this month, the rule requires anyone who has a gun with an arm-stabilizing brace to register the weapon with the federal government and pay a fee, or remove the brace from their weapons.”

“Several lawsuits have been filed against the regulations by gun owners and state attorneys general. They say it violates Second Amendment protections by requiring millions of people to alter or register their weapons”

“The main sponsor for the measure, Clyde, is a member of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus and the owner of a gun store in his district in Georgia. His proposal to overturn the ATF rule first came to the House Judiciary Committee in late March for markup. But House Republicans postponed debate of the measure after a gunman used a weapon with a stabilizing brace to fatally shoot three children and three adults at an elementary school in Nashville, Tenn.”

Even if the measure gets thru the Senate, Biden will veto it, and there is no chance either body of Congress would get a two thirds vote to override the veto

But it would be interesting to hear a gun “rights” advocate explain specifically how this measure violates the Second Amendment

If some rationale can be found to argue this violates the 2nd Amendment it sets a precedent for using petty arguments in support of other constitutional rights.

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