contact senator Tina Smith of Minnesota

I have been honored to serve as your Senator since January 2018 and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together since then. I moved to Minnesota the summer of 1984 with my new husband Archie. My first job in Minnesota was at General Mills. Archie and I moved to St. Louis Park, had our two sons Sam and Mason (who are now married!), and found our life in Minnesota. A few years later I started my own business, and at the same time got more active in my community volunteering. I loved it. That work led me to become a leader at Planned Parenthood, Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Minneapolis, and then Chief of Staff for Governor Dayton. When Mark asked me to run with him as Lt. Governor, I never looked back, and I loved serving all Minnesotans, where I saw every day the spirit, creativity, and hard work that makes Minnesota so amazing.

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