contact senator Doug Jones of Alabama

The editorial board of The Birmingham News has described Jones as a “moderate Democrat”. Former Alabama Democratic Party chair Giles Perkins described Jones as “a moderate, middle-of-the-road guy”. Describing his own views, Jones said: “If you look at the positions I’ve got on health care, if you look at the positions I got on jobs—you should look at the support I have from the business community—I think I’m pretty mainstream.” Jones’s campaign has emphasized “kitchen-table” issues such as healthcare and the economy. He has called for bipartisan solutions to those issues and pledged to “find common ground” between both major parties. Jones said that people should not “expect [him] to vote solidly for Republicans or Democrats”. During his campaign, he had supporters from both parties, including Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. According to FiveThirtyEight, which tracks Congressional votes, Jones has voted with President Trump’s position 35% of the time as of September 2019. A July 2018 NBC News editorial stated that Jones had voted with Trump more often than all but three of his fellow Democratic senators while also taking liberal positions more in line with his party, including LGBT rights.

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