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Elected in 2020, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald represents Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Mr Fitzgerald, I, Tonya Moss from the State of Georgia am grateful for the invitation to contribute. strong text

I went to Congress in 2019 and 2020 to watch the inferior courts of Cherokee and Pickens Counties of Georgia a federal constitutional right. I have been devastated at the neglect for human life, except for the chosen few. The understanding that began with The Declaration of Independence “that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” this is truly false for us that are made homeless for others to live.

I was married 29 1/2 years and then after my husband died in February 2014 I continued to pay the bills until I was illegally removed in December 2019. They had their family change the name on the property that we owned. My late husband was in diapers and colostomy bags for greater than 4 years, and I was his caregiver. We owned the property outright, and I, Tonya as a disabled american had paid the payoff myself. My Life, not protected just my wrongdoers.

My late husband left me his life insurance but his mother cashed $92,000.00 of it, and I filed for charges. She made an admitted statement on a Cherokee Sheriff Office on 07/07/2020 case number 20-60145 that she kept the money from Tonya, but they will not file charges. This is the allowed protection of the few. My late husband and I, had the same bunch allow our daughter to be ripped out of our lives, because some are given protection and we were denied DFCS and court, because we were denied protection. DNA Laws have no statute of limitations but neither does life insurance. DNA is hand writing and photos of our daughter in another State of Georgia County. We and certainly I, Tonya have been alienated from my life, liberty taken and property I have been homeless because his family are protected from every criminal act.

I, Tonya paid the bills for son-in-laws family, including his half-sister, brother and my grandchildren for greater than 11 years, and I told him to pay or get out, that I would keep my grandchildren until they were established, that was 4 months before I was illegally placed in their friends living assistance and I am not in diapers or colostomy bags. I am just the ex-daughter-in-law. I feed those who were residents in the living assistant and their families contacted the ADA and I was released.

I was so proud of the work that I did on the side, I was limited but I gave time to veterans by providing care like laundry services, food and sitting. I helped the disabled by giving time so their families could work so they would have shelter, but I was disregarded and disrespected because those making decisions were prejudiced towards my ex-in-laws, he fixed their law enforcement equipment for $1 - $3, so they are or were allowed anything they wish, including human lives.

Our Federal Constitution the supreme law of the land is non-existent. How does the government secure the blessings of liberty? By limiting the power of government to prevent it from abusing the peoples rights through “law” and “order” not in these areas it’s family and friends that alienate in a hostile and indifferences for the few.

The Federal Constitution binds the State of Georgia to the laws but that is non-existent so there goes the fifth amendment. The Fourteenth just does not exist in equal protection for unalienable protection of life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness. Therefore, what you fought for in your military service like my family Uncle Luther Arvie Jones and Ernest Jones both of Blue Ridge Ga, is thrown out, right to freedom. Luther was in WW II combat in Normandy France and Rhineland. Luther received the War World II Victory medal, Good Conduct medal, and the Purple Heart for injuries he received in Germany.

I write a lot about the Rhineland massacre that took place in the German Crusade of 1096. The crusaders passing through the Rhineland on their way to Jerusalem attacked the Jews in town.

Our Federal Constitution of the United States of AMerica gives us the freedom of speech, and I was jailed for almost 2 years for calling about my money so I would not be living outside. But a thief can admit to taking $92,000.00, nine plus months earlier and not even a day in jail. Rhineland was the birth of Anti-Semitism, over 900 years ago, but in freedom of religion in our constitution amendment one in 1791 and was introduced to Congress 1789. I always end up with interesting facts and funny, people of all religions worship Jesus and if you remember Jesus was asked if He was a Jew? Now born from what people call a whore was the image of a compassionate sinless man, now Jesus never answered, and I will use Anti-Semitism and I have ethics, morals and values but I by the Constitution do not have to answer if I am a Jew, I should be as protected, never said sinless, just try to be as compassionate as Jesus so lived.
I am grateful for your service.