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Congressman Michael Guest is serving his second term as the U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s Third Congressional District. Congressman Guest is a lifelong conservative Republican who believes in limited government, traditional Mississippi values, free market economic principles of lower taxes and fewer regulations, the right to life of the unborn, a strong national defense with full support of our men and women in the military, and our Second Amendment gun rights and all of the other individual liberties guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Congressman Guest quickly proved himself an effective legislator when he became the first Republican freshman House Member to pass a piece of legislation in the 116th Congress. The Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel Exercise Act of 2019, signed into law by President Trump, promotes the identification and determent of terrorist travel and enhances the United States government’s ability to respond to terrorism. As a staunch advocate for American border security, Congressman Guest introduced the Operation Stonegarden Authorization Act, which would support state law enforcement tasked with protecting the U.S.’s borders.

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