Blinken asking the State Department to basically force a two-state solution on Israel

I am deeply troubled By Tony Blinken asking the State Department to basically force a two-state solution on Israel. Firstly I feel betrayed by our elected officials. Most Jews vote Democratic but the Democratic party is taking an ally and choosing other interests . Whenever there was a catastrophe in America who send their people to help. Was it ever the Arab countries? How many of the 55 Arab countries are there when the US needs. Secondly, if he would try as hard to free the hostages as he is running around all over the place and blackmailing America he would have been successful. Their is so much more power we can wield yet we give Qatar a renewal for another 10 years, while it plays both sides. Thirdly. we have better friends amongst our non-Jewish advocates then we do with our own and our own Democratic senators. Israel gave Gaza the ability to rule itself in 2005 and instead it basically spent all it’s years doing nothing but trying to destroy the state. How in any way or form do you possibly think these people will refor? The PA wants Hamas to join them. They have repeatedly said they will not recognize Israel. So you will tell them not to say it and it will go away. Has everyone in the government lost their mind. The West Bank is closer to Tel Aviv than Gaza was to Kfar aza with the advantage that they are higher and can even see the airport. So now they can shoot missiles at Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion, Haifa, basically all of Israel. I am trying to understand this insanity of trying to repeat the same things over and over again and expecting that this time they will accept us.